New Beginnings

Recently, on a rather tipsy jaunt around town after I downed one too many gewurtztraminers, I decided I was a talented “photo journalist” and began snapping “artistic” photos, such as this one:

And this one:

I disillusioned myself into thinking that after seven years of living here, I was looking at Rome through new, eclectic, eyes.  Little did I realize these “eyes” are more commonly known as “beer goggles”, or in my case, “wine glasses”.

The morning after, while nursing a fresh but familiar headache, FB and I had a good long laugh at the series of  photographs I took.  They so clearly, and painfully show how I have absolutely no training in photography, nor self-awareness. However, once the stinging pain subsided, I began thinking of how that evening did in its strange and ironic way, open my eyes to Rome again.

My former blog which I began in May 2006 with a total of 844 posts (WOO) has been defunct for the past year (BOO).  It began as a food journal, a means to keep in touch with family and friends.  Every recipe I followed, every restaurant I went to, every cocktail I sipped was a new and exciting discovery.  I was obsessed. Giving in to Facebook was the beginning of the end for me, when I began keeping in touch with friends via random status updates and tagging photos of my high school days.

But now, peering at the world through my foggy “wine glasses” dripping with lovely unghie, I feel inspired to begin a new chapter, a new blog, a new obsession with food and cooking.

So please join me once again on a whirlwind journey of delightful smells and sensations as I eat my way through the Eternal City, stumbling blindly through the cobblestone paths of Rome, forever on the hunt to satisfy my ever-expanding tummy.

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