Mrs. Potts

This was a birthday present from my dear friend MS.  Those familiar with the 1991 Disney now-classic “Beauty and the Beast” will recognize this character as the sweet and lovable Mrs. Potts, voiced by the one-and-only Ms. Angela Lansbury.

See, MS is just that kind of friend.  She gets me.  Who else would spend a day at Tokyo Disney Land and come home with a bag full of porcelain tea paraphernalia?  Only the kind of friend who would drive up against a one-way street in Greenwich CT, teach me to moonwalk, cook me my first home-made takoyaki, and live on a street actually called Tina Drive.

She is also the only person I know in the entire world who would open a brand new bag of potato chips, eat one or two chips, then promptly clothes-pin the bag shut, proceed to open another bag of different flavored chips, have just one of these, and again, clothes-pin the bag shut.   She’d savor one and every single chip (incidentally, also the name of the little tea cup kid).  Her desk drawer in college was filled to the brim with such bags of snacks and junk food, all fastened with either a clothes pin or a rubber band.  Sometimes, she would even put a few last crumbs in a Ziploc bag.  This method of eating junk food is true zen-like connoisseur territory.

Anyways, I love to think of MS, her sparkly nails and her loud laugh every time I make tea.  And whenever I brew a pot(t), I catch myself singing, “tale as old as time…” with a little too much feeling.  Whether its apple cinnamon, or hojicha, I always feel if I strain my ears hard enough I can hear the sound of a new bag of chips being opened in return.


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